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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Daily Updates. You're welcome.

I have decided. Daily updates. It's logical, and practical. I can't really expect people to waste their time checking this constantly.
So now it is daily!
I slept on my pillowcase last night. Tis an awesome pillowcase.
I've noticed that you managed to keep your mouth shut on the last post. That is good.
"Hey," you might say, "I'm talking right-"
Shut up! You were doing so well! (And that was an example of good grammar. I didn't say doing so good. Grammar.)
I suppose you Booksians can continue to comment to me through my Booksie page. I admire your thoughts.
Oh! And I would also like to give you people a link to a person who reads this blog and comments on every single post. His name is Future Author, and he is a good friend of mine on Booksie.
And in other news, one of the sites that I have listed as things "I Tend to Look at", Seventh Sanctum, is holding a contest! I might enter it, but I think it should be popularized by you people. (The contest involves dragons! And drawing! And dragons!).
I have also thought of another thing that would make me considered to be a nerd: I play Magic the Gathering!
Well, I have nothing left to say.
So, as usual, here is a picture! I made this one myself after seeing a commercial for these things that are not manly whatsoever. Here it is, and expect another post tomorrow. Because this is daily. I should hope that's implied.


  1. Aw, you mentioned me! Thank you so much! :D I love to comment to your blogs there great! I've been busy which is why I haven't been on, but I'm on now! I will go check out today's post now! :D

    ~future author

    1. I understand the busy part. I've got a lot of stuff going on what with finishing the short stories that I'm working on, and working on the comics for my friends, i've got a lot of writing to do.