Google+ Rants of a Supposed Nerd: Happy Fourth

Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy Fourth

Happy fourth of the month everyone! Yes. This will be something I do often. At least once a month.
Well, this is fun. Blogging. I get to write stuff as if I'm talking to myself, but there are actually people listening/reading this. You're in my mind, so to speak.
I have recently finished All three books of the Stupid Snake web comic series. It's on you right in the category "Things I tend to look at" but I will also provide a link.
Located here-----------> On these words.
Pretty good series.
Also, I have discovered another web comic, also located on the right, called Doctor Cat. Click on it, I don't feel like making another link.
Of course, all the other links are good things to look at too. And, hey, if you have a web comic, or a blog, then tell me! I might read it! Maybe. We'll see. (I probably will out of curiosity). No promises.
The week is finished my friends! Got through those three days of school! Hooray! Wooo!!! Yeah! Alright! Yeah. Woohoo...
Enough of that. You know, I myself write comics. They are quite a lot of fun I must say. I am currently wring one that I really have high hopes for. I and my friends think it is quite funny. You may be saying, "Wow, cool you write comics!" but you're probably not. You're probably saying, "Friends? What friends? You couldn't possibly have friends". Well, stop that. Can you not shut up during one of these rants? Geez, all I ask for is you quiet peaceful attention, but you have to go and open your big mouth every blog post.
Anywho, I may have found a small piece of proof that I am a nerd. It's not anything that would conclude that I am definitely a nerd, but it's something.
Alright, any of you who do not like math AT ALL, should just skip down until you see something that signals you to stop.
So, here I was in my science class, when I saw an equation that I don't remember too much about, but I wrote it down: 56+32=88.
And so I decided to flip it: 65+23.
And it equals 88.
So I decided to try another equation that I randomly came up with: 14+72=86.
And I flipped it. My expectations were that it would be the same. But as you can see, 41+27=68.
So I came up with another theory, that when you flip the numbers, you flip the solution. And I tried another equation: 36+49=85.
Flipped, it is 63+94 which equals 157. You can imagine my disappointment.
But then I looked at them, 85 and 157. What do they have in common? For some reason, I took the individual digits, and added them together. 8+5=13. But 15+7 equals 22. Drat. Wait!!! 1+5+7!!! Why, that equals 13!!! And thus, I have solved it. It works with the other ones too, you see. 6+8=14 and 8+6=14. 8+8=16 and 8+8=16!
And yet I must go further. Into the hundreds! 210+105=315. 12+501=513. Another flip one. Actually those occur if your numbers don't need to be carried. Bigger! I thought. Harder equations! 506+702=1208. And we shall flip, and it shall be 605+207=812. Huh, almost a flip. But the digits add up the same in both. 11. More! my brain screamed! And so, 617+714=1331. And 716+417=1133. This one is probably my favorite. I like the way it's 1331 and 1133. Perhaps only something a nerd can appreciate.
That one was nice, but lets do something similar.615+714=1330. 516+417=933. Wait a minute. That's 7 and 15.
But of course! I made an error! 617+714=1330 1329! Now it is 15 on both!! And so ends the line of equations. All equations were the original equations that I did. Fascinating, in my opinion.
I'm done with the math part now. You can keep reading.
Does anyone have an xbox? 360, preferably. If you do, why not send me a request? The games I have include the latest in popur games and others: Halo 4, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, Minecraft, Halo Reach, Hydro Thunder Hurricane, Peggle, Hexic HD, Medal of Honor (not the latest, the 2010 one) and Fable 3. I do not want to state my gamer tag on here for trolling and security reasons. But if you feel the same way and don't want to post it in the comments, you can email me! I'll just let you know, you'll know it's me, because I have the word holiday in there. And my avatar looks like me, with spiky blonde hair, and he wears a tux. Well, it's more of a suit and tie.
Well, I think that's enough blog. Farewell my friends. And happy fourth.


  1. All I got to say is that you are freaking hilarious! :D

    ~future author

  2. OK, so, without further a-do, I'm pretty sure you know who I am. *Cough cough* And if you DON'T... WHAATT?!?!?
    Anyways, yes, I've had this blogger account ever since last year... it's been abandoned, it's the first time I've logged in a long time...
    ANYWAYS, about this blog! :D YOU'VE GOT ME LOST ON ALL OF THAT MATH! TT_TT WHAT WAS ALL THAT ABOUT?!!? XD Haha, witty, my friend! KMU on this blog of yours; I await more! Better hurry up and update mate, I'm still waiting for Holiday Man... Muwahaha... no pressure of course... XD

    1. thanks! Holiday Man is at the actiony part!!! unfotunately, i will only update people on booksie one more time, then i will want them to check frequently. don't worry! holiday man will be updated by the end of the year!! lol.

  3. I enjoy reading your blog! You sent a read request on Booksie, and I have made sure to see when you update. I love reading them! You're a good writer! I actually kind of understand the math part!

    1. haha! thanks! there will be another one today! (because it is so fun to blog!)