Google+ Rants of a Supposed Nerd: School-less Day

Friday, January 11, 2013

School-less Day

No school today, for unspecified reasons. To you, I mean. I know exactly why I don't have school.
Unfortunately, I am extremely bored.
Yesterday, I found a bunch of google easter eggs. Like typing askew on the google search, or typing zerg rush in the google search, and then trying to kill the o's. There's also typing in lol limewire and clicking I'm feeling lucky.
I also know one that not very many others know, shown to me by my friend. It's entertaining. You open up a google drive document and type a few random rows of words, about 3-4 should do. Then you do as follows with the arrow keys: up up down down left right left right, then you type in ba and hit return or enter. I will not spoil what it does, but if you want to get it back, you just do the same thing over again. It's quite fun.
You can also type in do a barrel roll in google search. that's fun as well.
Still so bored. Nothing is on TV when there's no school.
I might make another post later tonight, since this is a little early, so keep on checking. Today might have two blog posts and two pictures.


  1. That cat in the picture, looks like my cat...

    I fed your fishies a lot!!

    ~future author