Google+ Rants of a Supposed Nerd: Sorry again...

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sorry again...

I am sorry. I was busy. Was not able to post. Actually that's a lie. I'm very lazy. And hey! More people should join Future Author's contest (located here) because it's a contest where everyone writes a chapter in a novel!!
I have just finished #8 of my short stories series!!!!!! Now, I will type and post #6 and put it on Booksie!
Yesterday, I posted a cat picture on Google Plus that I made my self. Here it is. I made it in photo shop.
I also made this in photo shop. It's a little more disturbing...
Again, I am sorry for not posting this week. Stuff was happening, you know, and laziness occured, and my friend and I found a mushroom biome on minecraft almost right off the bat when we started a new world. He then began breeding many dogs, and he gave me one, which I named Jelly Star, and then the following happened: My friend hit me, we went to look at the dogs, Jelly Star attacked my friend because he hit me, his dogs began attacking my dog, Jelly Star died, then his dogs started attacking me and I died.
The saddest thing is that Jelly Star died as a puppy.
But, on the bright side, my friends dogs died, and he made more, and they died too, and they really frustrate him. Haha.
And not eh picture that you all care about so much. But, I'd like to say, that last I checked, I was at 802 page views!


  1. Were you talking about Holiday Man #6? YES! When is it going to be posted?

  2. This week!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo hoo!!! possibly today!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh know! I'm not the first comment anymore! I checked daily for more posts, but didn't find any, so I stopped comming, haha. I think I stopped the day before you posted this. Aw well, I'm here again!

    Thank you for the mention of my contest. I definitely wasn't expecting that!

    I love the pictures you have made. They're awesome!
    On to the next! :D

    ~future author

  4. Thanks! I really want the contest to have more writers before i enter, so that I can get more of the actiony scenes if it applies.

    1. Oh, it will apply, haha! Remember, be creative. And as long as it flows from the last chapter to the next, then you shall be good! :D

      ~future author