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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Poetry contest

I'm holding a poetry contest on Booksie. Found here.
Did some shopping things at a nerd store, and got Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Space Balls. And I also got a twenty sided die that looks almost exactly like the one that acts as my logo. I have it situated in exactly the same position.
I also got an awesome chair for my room. It cost me $30 dollars, but it is one of the best chairs ever. So awesome.
I sent out some emails to some of the writers of the comic strips I read, and I asked them to promote this blog. In return, I would promote there comic strip on here. It sounds redundant, but if all of them were to agree, they would get readers from one comic strip pouring into another. A good investment, I would think.
I added a Picture List By the about link by the title. It contains all the pictures I've posted and I will be updating it every month. I, in my opinion, think they're funny.
Not much else today. stay tuned, and sorry about my previous post.


  1. I love your pictures and I am still deciding whether I want to join your contest, haha. I love limericks, but I gotta figure out how to spell the word and write the style...

    ~future author

    1. please do join! i really want to see what you would post!

  2. Oh, and my 19th birthday was exactly 6 months on the day you posted this.... 18 1/2 baby, haha. ;P

    ~future author