Google+ Rants of a Supposed Nerd: Finished #10!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Finished #10!!!!!!!!

#10 is finished, and I have yet to finish typing up #7, but do not worry, it will get done soon. And then #8 will have to be typed up. You lucky little monkey popsicles.
My apologies for the insult. I'm sorry that I haven't updated, there wasn't much to update. Stuff shall get done!!!


  1. Monkey popsicle? How dare you, you sir a lampshade. That's right. You heard me. :p jk
    Anyways, you probably won't believe this but i'm taking PE online this summer so i won't have to take it sophomore year.
    =D Nice to see that you are still alive

  2. Lampshade!?!?! You dare call me a lampshade, you otter shaving cream! haha, also kidding. And PE online? What, to pass, do you have to successfully go 100 meters in QWOP? (Which is an extremely stupid and hard game.)

    1. My counselor says it's a really easy course on fitness and nutrition. I'm going to be taking AP World History next year so by getting PE off my schedule, I can have a study period.
      Boring educational stuff aside, otter shaving cream? I am thoroughly insulted ;P