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Sunday, September 22, 2013

#11 is finished!!!!!!

I finally finished #11, as the title of this blog post says. Now I will begin typing up #9 and then I will post it. The series is almost finished. I now have to write #12 and then the rough draft of the whole thing will be done. After almost a year and a half. I've been procrastinating a lot.
I made the horribly hard decision and bought Batman Arkham City, which is very fun. Oh so fun. Lots of punches and kicks and elbowings and batarangs and silent take downs. It is very fun to drop behind a thug, take him out silently, then go back to where you were and wait for the next thug. I recommend the game.
The Writers' Club is almost made, I just have to talk to the teacher about a time to do it. Then I shall put up flyers and such that I made and then Thursday Writers' Club will officially start.
I shall now fill space with a GIF
There we go, space filled. And now I have nothing else.

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