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Monday, January 27, 2014

Cancellation of school

There has been a lot of snow lately. School has been cancelled a few times since I last wrote something here, which was nice. But I had to shovel a lot. It's not fun to shovel. It's cold and windy and the snow tends to get heavy after a while. We have no snow blower, so I shovel. I don't like shoveling.
I've been playing Sleeping Dogs, which is a fun game. I like the action hi-jacks and the gun game play. Although I can't help driving on the right side of the road instead of the left in that game. Which I suppose is good, since I'm an American, but I always end up running into cars. I should never leave the country.
I have also recently obtained Bioshock, but I haven't played it yet. I... I guess that was just a random update on the the games I own.
I found this picture of something I very much want, because flies and I are at war.
This would be useful during the summer, when my house is invaded by those demonic beings. All I have right now is a simple fly swatter, and I'm not very skilled with it.
More news, it's my birthday this Friday. I will be 16 and will be looking for a job. Preferably at the movie theater. It's pretty close to me. And hopefully I'll get a discount on movies and popcorn. And sodas.
I haven't gotten any higher on my webcomic ladder, I'm still at 100. But I've been switching out some old comics that don't update with some new ones. I hate it when they just drop of the face of the earth.
With nothing else, I will leave you with a picture.

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