Google+ Rants of a Supposed Nerd: Tomorrow

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Cannot wait for the day that is currently named tomorrow! Birth day time!
I have 860 page views on my blog, which is pretty cool to me. It's not that bad for a beginner, right?
Future Author's contest still needs writers!!!! Come on people!!!
My Dachshund isn't feeling very well. Hope he's okay... He's been getting sick.
Still not much to write about. However, I've got something planned for tomorrow's lunch, and it may or may not benefit me...


  1. Haha, you know, I have a whole other month until my current contest is closed... But thank you so much for advertising it here. I think 9 chapters are taken so far. And Steph as come up with a Novel that as many genres. She hasn't told me much about it yet, but we'll see!

    Ih no! Your doggie is sick!!! I hope he/she gets better soon too! I have 3 dogs and cats, so it is definitely a big thing if they get sick! Give him/her my best, haha, or perhaps a pat on the head! :D

    Okay, so I'm confused on your birthday lunch... May or may not benefit you??? How so??

    Can't wait until tomorrow!

    ~future author

    1. I will tell the results when i come back from school!!!