Google+ Rants of a Supposed Nerd: More shoveling.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

More shoveling.

I hate my mail man. My back hurts from the shoveling. He said we needed to shovel a wide enough gap so he doesn't have to do any work. Ow...
Still not much else today, had a test, think I did well. And still not much else after that sentence.


  1. What I got from your post is that your mailman is LAZY!!!! Seriously, we should sign a petition to get this guy fired! I mean honestly, it keeps snowing. It's not your fault! Tell him from me that he's dumb!...

    ~future author

  2. I would like to! but i am at school by the time he delivers and I'm asleep all the other times. so... yeah that's not likely to happen.

  3. LOL, this is why I live in the desert. The last time it snowed was years ago!