Google+ Rants of a Supposed Nerd: Master Pillowcase Maker

Monday, January 7, 2013

Master Pillowcase Maker

Yes, indeed I have made a pillowcase! It is quite the awesome pillowcase, if I do say so myself. I got 70/70 on it! (To clarify, this was a class project.)
I have finally connected with Google+. I didn't want to connect until I was satisfied with the name they let me have. It wouldn't let me call myself "Supposed Nerd" even after I sent an appeal. So we compromised, Google+ and I, and we decided to call myself "Ship Lastnameson". Before, it was John Doe, but people might have thought my name was actually John. Which it isn't. Clue number one, for those of you who want to figure out my name. FYI, you're probably only going to get my first name. My last name is unguessable.
Unfortunately, most of you will take that as a challenge. (Sigh).
Yesterday, I made a post that said I wouldn't be on for the week. I suppose that doesn't really concern anyone, considering when I posted it, my total all time blog views was 312, and when I resolved my issues, I came back to delete that post. My all time views was still 312.
I feel so loved.
Speaking of views, yes I have made it to 300 views! However, I was checking my views, and I was at 299. So I logged off, forgetting that it sends me to my blog when I log off of Blogger. I was my own 300th viewer.
But, I won't count that and the 300th viewer will go to Lulu Cross, one of my greatest friends on Booksie. (Of which you should go to.)
Also, slightly addressing the pillowcase thing again, I think I am also pretty much a master at hallway walking. You see, I am a very thin person. I'm not anorexic or bulimic  though, as I would eat bacon if it were offered to me right now. Bacon is awesome. But for the small ones such as I, you can't just walk through the hallways. The bigger ones can just plow through the hallways, but I have to do something that I like to call hallway weaving. This involves finding openings in groups of people, and trying to keep moving without losing momentum. It's quite fun, but corners and doorways are not.
Well, I think I have ranted enough, one piece of evidence being that I was talking about walking through hallways...
As usual, I will end this with a picture. And if anyone has a picture that they would like for me to post on here, give me a link! Or not. I'm just a lonely nerd/person who thinks he's a nerd. Eh, pity is for the pitiful, just send me those pictures, through comment/link or email! Again, Oh and also, for those of you on Booksie that I update about this blog, this will be the last update.
Oh, for crying out loud, I can't stop. I would also like people's input on the updates. I want it to be daily, but I'd be able to do that now, but I'll get lazy in the future. Of course, the more viewers I have, the more confidence I will gain. I was planning on a weekly basis, but that is not possible for something this fun. (By the way, to get me more viewers, just spread the word.) I'm sure monthly is out of the question. SO I would like your input! And, as promised, here is your picture!


  1. I love the picture, it's so funny! You got a lot of views so far, haha! Keep them coming! :D

    ~future author

    1. thanks! but 343 (which the views are at right now) isn't that much compared to my favorite author derek landy. i'm sure he gets tens of thousands of views a week. but thanks for viewing!