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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wonderful Comics.

I do indeed like to read web comics. Of course that's sort of evident with the long list of mostly comics on the right.
One of my favorites is Edmund Finney's Quest to find the Meaning of Life. It's just hilarious. But it needs to update more often.
I have Mio. I woke up yesterday and my father had brought me 5 free blueberry lemonade Mios. They are quite good.
I will be trying to use my printer/scanner/copier to upload some pictures of mine that I think people will like. I like them at least.
Dungeon Hordes, a comic that I like, has been removed until further notice. It's expiration date came on GoDaddy apparently. Which is a shame since I look forward to it everyday because it's daily. Well now I can't.
I am definitely looking forward to tomorrow, because it is when Doctor Cat updates!!!!
I want my own web comic, and I've made ten of them, but 1. I'm not good at making comic "strips", I like making longer ones, and 2. I fear it may be too much like the web comic Antics.
I do however want to make one of my comics into a web series. That would be fun.
Still not much to update on, perhaps you, the reader, can come up with some suggestions for me to rant upon.
"Come up with your own material," you say.
Well, then I would promptly respond with, "Why do you even come here if all you want to do is criticize and complain?!"
And then the security guard tree would be unleashed and would attack you. Well, if you come within range. Because, you know, it's a tree. It can't move.
I'm doing a biography on Dwight D. Eisenhower in school. That guy, a former president and World War II general, was pretty awesome if the book isn't lying. It kind of seems like it might, but still, while he was in cadet school, he reported to an officer's office with JUST a cadet jacket and cap. That part was pretty funny.
People liked my picture from the last blog post. The Spider-Man one. That one is truly for nerds.
So here is another picture. But it probably won't.


  1. I'm sorry I haven't been on lately, I've been busy writing my short story called "One Billion" on Booksie. And then I saw your profile picture on somebodies page and I was like, oh I need to get back to reading your blogs, so here I am again! Still the first comment! :D

    I love the picture this time too! And I don't know what you should put in your blogs. But whatever you come up with, I love reading them! :D

    ~future author

  2. thanks! i understand the writing thing. i need to write more. thanks for viewing!