Google+ Rants of a Supposed Nerd: Advertisement time!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Advertisement time!

I have promised to advertise for these people since they advertised for me.These are all really good webcomics, of which you should really read.
First, I will have Aviv Itzcovitz, writer (or more like drawer, since there are no words) of Stupid Snake, one of the best fantasy webcomics I have ever read. It's a great story with humor and action and all other topics all in one. And if you're worried about the time it will take to read all three books on there, remember, it's a wordless webcomic so it won't take you as long. But you barely feel how long or short it might take you because it is awesome.
Here is the link: Stupid Snake

Next is Greg, a comic by a man named Chur. His last name is unknown to me, but his comics are hilarious. They are about Greg, a Chinese-American who lives in his apartment with his best friend Ted. Why should you read these? Because they are epicly funny, especially with Greg's misfortune. Click here to read it!

Thirdly, I will tell you about Just Another Sheep, a story webcomic by Mat Heagerty, JD Smith, and Jon Cairns. It's based in the 60's and is about a guy named Banning with the power to make people feel what he's felt before. It's pretty much brand new on the web having started in late October, and right now, the most recent comic is at the peek of the climax of the chapter! Why you should read this one? It has a great story (as far as it goes, because like I said, it's pretty much brand new) and I always look forward to Tuesdays when it updates. Click on this link!!!!
And lastly, but I can assure you it's not least, is a web comic named Dungeon Hordes by Jonathan Murdock. It updates every day of the week and is about Tiggz and Tomes, a dark knight and a bandit, who are level five and trying to get to level six. In my opinion, they're never going to get it, but it is funny when they try to. I can always look forward to this every day, even on the days when most of my other webcomics that I read don't update. Dungeon Hordes!
And that's it for the advertisement! You should really read these webcomics! I read them for a reason! They are good!


  1. I really liked the Greg comic you posted. I think I'm gonna start reading it regularly. So. Much. Humor.

  2. Yeah, that one is good. hope you read it to the end!

  3. I'll have to check them out sometime, particularly the Greg comic.

    ~future author