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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Star Wars: This is Madness

This is an epic voting thing for Star Wars Voting competition, where   you vote for characters on the dark side and the light side in tournaments of two. Click here to go and vote! Today is Princess Leia vs. R2-D2 and Jango Fett vs. Boba Fett. I voted for R2 and Boba. But, my prediction, is that, in the end, it will be Darth Vader vs. Yoda. And I have no idea which to vote for. Of course, there's no guarantee that it will end up that way, so I should really stress about it. But I am fairly sure that's how it will end.
I am getting my new glasses today, and they are red! Different from my blue ones, so hopefully they will look nice on me.
Nothing much else, so here is a picture.

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