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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

American Problems

Stuff has happened since the last post. For one, I completed the Black Ops 2 campaign, finally. For another, I went to see This is the end with my dad for Father's Day, my treat. It was a good movie, though definitely rated R. Today I got my braces colors changed. Before they were pink, but now they have the dominating colors of this blog, purple and green. Also, I went to Barnes & Noble and got a book called The Writer's Little Helper, which so far is pretty good. Informative. 
But there was one or two bad things that happened today. I got a free sort of chocolate beverage at my orthodontist, which made me gag a little. The chocolate wasn't very good. Then, at Barnes & Noble, I got an orange banana mango smoothie, which tasted mostly banana-ish and disappointed me. So today was a bad beverage day.
And that, my dear readers, is an example of a problem that only an American can have.
I have made very little progress in #11, but it will get done. Eventually.

I love this. I laughed when I saw it.
And now here is the actual concluding picture.


  1. Orange banana mango smoothie has too much banana #Firstworldproblems

  2. Well, I finally decided to comment. Good post, I guess...? I'm sorry June 18th was a bad beverage day for you. As I'm writing this it's June 21st, so it's FINALLY the last day of school for me. Yay. We never turned in one of our worksheets, which was supposed to be due tomorrow, but the teacher got sidetracked. We got back all the work we did over this year. It's A LOT. I think I'm gonna burn it all, but I'll probably have to do it in sections. It's that much. Also, a question for you to think about: What would happen if a person with Anatidaephobia had to work in an Aflac office for some reason?

    1. Firstly, I am happy to hear that you are finally done with school! And burning it seems like a very good idea. The work deserves nothing less. And to answer your question, I think he would explode from fear.

  3. Due *YESTERDAY. Haha, sorry about that.