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Friday, November 15, 2013

88 comics

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have had nothing to write about.
I will soon be posting journalistic comics on here occasionally, because I have ideas in my head. Ideas of which I think are good.
Speaking of comics, I'm up to 88 comics that I read. 12 more and I will have 100. Only then will I truly be satisfied... That was a lie, I won't really be satisfied, I'll be amused for a short time and then I'll keep reading more. I have a lot of bookmarked comics.
Recently, around 16 days ago, it was announced that World of Keflings and Iron Brigade would be free for Xbox 360. After spending over a week going nearly insane waiting for Xbox to announce the free games, and they give us two arcade games. I was very disappointed. I have yet to play World of Keflings, but I did download it. But tomorrow Iron Brigade will be free, and that one doesn't look that bad. I might have fun with that one. I just hope next month's free games will be better.
And now I have nothing else so here's a picture.

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