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Monday, February 3, 2014


As of January 31, I am now 16 years of age. I have had coffee for the first time (for the flavor, not the caffeine high), I now own all the seasons of Psych, and I will be getting a job soon. So far so good.
I was at school for my birthday, which I don't mind, and they put on a show for me while I was there. Although, they called it "coronation", and then we had a dance the next day, but I'm pretty sure it was for me. It was a bit odd when they crowned people in my honor, but I didn't ask for the celebration.
The dance that occurred the day afterward was fun. I brought my girlfriend a rose (this one is a different one from the last one I mentioned, the other one had to move away) and we danced. Socialized like bees. It was fun.
I started to play Bioshock, and it is a fun and freaky game. I had a security robot that followed me around and shot my enemies. I named him Eduardo. But then I died and he disappeared. Then, later in the game, I found another one and turned him friendly and he became Eduardo II. However, a few minutes later, Eduardo II died from being exploded. A few seconds later, though, I got Eduardo III. He survived the onslaught of his friends and we became the best of friends. I called him E3 for short. He helped me in the killing of Dr. Steinman, though he died in the process. I thought E3 had killed Steinman, but Steinman was hiding somewhere and he killed E3. In my raging sadness, I killed Steinman, luckily before he made it to the healing station. It was a sad day, but I fortunately came across more security bots and had E3 II (Eduardo III II, pronounced the third the second) and E3 II 2.0 ...who died shortly afterwards as well. So from now on, any security bots I find will be reincarnations of E3.
Oh, and to ease any confusion, I'm aware that there is a convention called E3 and Eduardo isn't named after it.
I also played Crysis for a little bit, but not for that long. It's fun, but I was dying multiple times, so I took a break.
I watched parts of the Super Bowl yesterday, though by looking at the score I din't really have to. I watched some of the commercials, but I was busy watching my new Psych DVDs. Psych is very funny and I recommend it to most people.
Nothing much left to say, that Bioshock story was pretty ling though. So I guess I will leave you with this and of course a picture.

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