Google+ Rants of a Supposed Nerd: 365 days older!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

365 days older!

Woo! It's my birth day!!! So far I have received a Mel Brooks movie, five different hot sauces, a subscription to MAD magazine, and money!!!! There are still more presents to come!!! Tomorrow and Sunday!!
That whole thing about some secret thing at lunch today that I mentioned didn't work out as I planned. I had this Candy cane pop rocks thing, and I thought it would be fun to try it. Well, it was much less minty than I expected, more fruity than minty. But I guess it worked in my benefit.
And tonight, after I am done eating my clam chowder and bacon (birth day food) I am going to have an Xbox night with my friends!!! Woo!!! Halo 4!!!!
Try and guess my age now, see if you're right. I must be off now.



    I hope you had the best day ever! I'm sorry it has taken me so long for your birthday wish, I've had a busy day today... But I have not forgotten.

    And let me guess you just turned 15??

    ~future author

  2. Curses!!! you cheated. you looked at my booksie profile. and thanks!! I was playing video games!!!

    1. Actually, that was a complete guess! You say on the left hand side of this side, that you are a freshman in highschool. My brother is also a freshman in high school and he just turned 15 on Decemeber 27th, so that's how I knew, haha. :P

      ~future author

  3. ~Happie fifteenth birthday!! *hehe* *throws strawberry cake at you!*

  4. thank you for this virtual strawberry cake. i shall virtually enjoy it.