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Monday, February 4, 2013


Sorry again. I was doing birth day stuff, and watching the super bowl. I was rooting for the 49ers. It's a shame they didn't win. But it's even more of a shame that my team didn't make it to the super bowl.
Yesterday was nice, my brother and his wife came over, we ate some orderves, watched some puppy bowl, things caught on fire, I played Black Ops 2 with my brother, got 1600 microsoft points from them, and then they had to leave before the super bowl. His wife has early work, understandable.
What? The things catching fire thing? Oh, yeah... well, that happened. We had this oil aroma thing, not too sure what it's called, and it caught fire. It may have been my fault... One of my chores is dusting, and when I dusted, I dropped part of the oil thing (heheheheh... the part that held the oil...). Later, it caught on fire.
The super bowl commercials were lacking in humor for most. some were good, but others were ... eh.
Doritos were great as always. Made me laugh. And that Oreo commercial was funny.
But that Go Daddy one, that was just uncomfortable. It was just not network TV appropriate.
It is snowing a lot where I am. Too much. I don't like cold. It's not fun.
Well, that's all I have, so I bid you a good day.


  1. ~*Gasps* OMG careful!! Fire can kill! You don`t want your parents suspecting you`re a budding arsonist, do you? Joke joke! Glad you enjoyed your bday =)

    ~Cool image, btw! Submarine racing xD

    1. Thanks! the floor got a little scorched when a part fell, but we escaped the disaster unscathed!

  2. Okay, I have been super busy, but things have settled down again, so I am finally back.

    I was going for the ravens, though it wouldn't have mattered to me who would have won. I based my stuff off of who had won the superbowl the most and went with the opposite team, you know. Sounds like you had an interesting day all the same, however.

    I would have to agree on the commercials, though I liked the clydesdale (however you spell it) commercial.

    Okay, so you're getting a lot of snow, huh? Could you possibly push it back to Denver where it belongs, haha. I don't know how much snow MN gets, but Denver, CO usually gets more than what we are getting right now. I mean, I am used to the 40" the northeast just got at one time, not the .6" that we are getting all season!!

    ~future author

  3. i am getting so much snow these past days. it is unsettling and I have to shovel it all.