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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Horribly Hard Decision

I cannot come to a decision. I have ten dollars on my Xbox account. Two games a re on sale: Castle Crashers and Batman Arkham City. Both, I have heard, are very fun. Castle Crashers is $7.49 and is a two dimensional action adventure type. Batman Arkham City is $9.99, and is a fighter type with BATMAN in it. I have the option to by a cheaper fun game and be able to experience something that I have wanted to for almost a year, or play a game with lots of action and BATMAN in it. One is more expensive and doesn't have online capabilities, and the other is less action-y and its graphics aren't as good. After I'm done with this blog post, I shall lay on the floor, thinking in agony.
Aside from that, I have orchestrated a game night with my friends. Although, as I'm typing this, I fail to see how this would concern you. Eh, I'll leave it in so you can think about all the fun I'm having on Monday nights starting at 7:00, soon to be Tuesday nights.
 I've yet to establish a writers' club,mostly because I haven't found the time to talk to my English teacher outside of class. But tomorrow is study hall in English, and I will try it then, if I don't have anything to do in study hall. But I don't think I will, if the history of my classes stays the same in the homework sense.
(Evil laugh)
Haha, Doctor Evil. I highly recommend watching Austin Powers.
I don't think I have anything else to say, so here is a picture.
*Edit* Forgot one more thing. I finished Last Stand of Dead Men on Monday and it is AWESOME. Now all I have to do is wait for book nine next year. *sob*

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