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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lots o' stuff.

Like the title says, I have lots o' stuff.
One of which being my review of the game, Bulletstorm.
It was a fun campaign and I loved trying to unlock new skill points. It may not have a ton of weapons like Halo, but the ones it does have are diverse. Like the sniper rifle, Head Hunter, is fun and different (to me) because you get to control the bullet. But the real fun is what you get to do with the Leash, an electronic type of weapon that lets you pull enemies towards you.With that, you can pull enemies in hazards like cacti and sharp objects. My favorite weapon of the game, though, is the Penetrator, a weapon that shoots a drill into the enemies. That thing is fun. So, the campaign is fun, but the multiplayer is not as great. The way the multiplayer works, you have to work together. And that's not easy unless you can talk to the people.
And that's just one thing I have to cover. Over the weekend I stayed at my brother's house.  There's really not much else on that subject except he lost his model rocket.
I got two games on Monday, Army of Two and Borderlands. So far with Army of Two, it's a bit disappointing. The game play isn't that great, it's a little boring. You do the same thing each time you encounter enemies. Hide behind something and try to flank them. I haven't gotten that far in the game, but I think I got far enough to make that kind of judgement. And then there's Borderlands. I think I've gotten even less far in that than Army of Two, but so far, it is fun. I chose to be Mordecai the Hunter. I don't have any other classes to compare it with, so I can't say if it's great or bad. But it's a fun game at this point.
The fourth thing to cover is that we got a new carpet. Not really a lot on that either.
I think that's about it so here is a picture.


  1. Okay, I have done it! I've read all of your posts, so now I am up to date on them! Yay! Anywho, I have been super busy, I haven't been on your blog or on booksie and I don't know why... That's it for now, bye.

    ~future author

    1. It's great to have you back! Thanks for reading the blog!