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Saturday, August 10, 2013


Sorry for not posting anything. I just didn't really have anything to say.
But now I do!
So, first on my list of ramblings is that I went to a rodeo. That was fun, not something I typically do, but it was full of various equine and bovine creatures.
Next, I'd like to tell you about the new game I got (which was free) called crackdown. It is an extremely fun game. I can climb buildings, and kick people in the face, and throw grenades, and cause huge explosions, and pick up cars, and throw cars, and hit people with the cars that I throw. Yes, a very fun game. It's still free on Xbox, until August 16th, so I recommend getting it now. And to finish this paragraph on crackdown, I will tell you other things you can do in the game, like shoot from far away, shoot from really close, shoot them from mid range, pick up dumpsters, pick up cinder blocks, pickup steel grates, throw all of said objects including the steel grate at unsuspecting hit squads (that was fun, I took them all out with one throw), and drive an extremely fast and fun car.
The next Skulduggery Pleasant book is coming out soon (August 29th) and I am happily anticipating it. These are very good books, and I would not recommend not reading them.
That's all I have for now now, so please enjoy this complimentary picture.

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